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Assignment and exams

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Internal combustion engines are so called because the fuel is burnt inside the engine and not in some external device such as a boiler.

There are two main groups of internal combustion engine, namely piston engines and the more recently developed gas turbine. In both groups, air is drawn in, compressed, mixed with fuel either before or after compression and the mixture caused to burn. The resulting hot gases expand rapidly and cause movement of the working parts of the engine and are then released as exhaust.

Chapter 1
Marine diesel engine type
1. What is diesel engine?
5. Discuss the low-speed engine
2. Give the different classification of diesel engine?
6. Discuss the high-speed engine.
3. What is the 4-stroke & 2-stroke cycle diesel engine?
7. What are the different classification of engine according to speed?
4. Discuss the method of the fuel injection.
8. Define the use of medium speed engine.
Chapter 2
Engine Principles
1. Define combustion
3. Define the four main events of four stroke cycle.
2. What is compression ratio?
4. Define scavenging?